What started as an obsession 25 years ago, to find specific measurable patterns and information within businesses that could identify and predict the growth of organizations — prior to financial results — has become the Predictive Growth Institute. The theory is simple: If you can’t identify why you will succeed, then you can’t predict your success. If you can’t predict your success then you are in a constant mode of correction.

The Predictive Growth Institute is not here to push our theories or even argue what the indicators are — although we are happy to tell you. We are here to provide unbiased, critical thinking data on what you need to pay attention to, whether you are trying to grow, acquire, or exit. Whether you are the owner and CEO, private equity manager, or division executive — if you are responsible for revenue, profitability, growth, or transition – we are here for you with the content and recommendations to help you move forward in a predictable, manageable, and efficient way.

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